Conference Dinner


We are delighted to announce that this year's Conference Dinner will be held at the "Hirschau" in Munich on March 27th and we are looking forward to welcoming the "Heeresmusikkorps" for musical accompaniment.

The name "Hirschau" goes back to the former abundance of game in the Isarauen north of Munich and is recorded on city maps since 1808. In 1840 the restaurant “Zum Hasenstall” was opened and provided workers of the "Maffei-Maschinenbauanstalt" with food and drinks. Twenty years later, it has already been mentioned in a travel guide book and the “Hirschau” is still a popular tourist destination.


A fantastic 3-course menu in excellent quality is waiting for you!


Liverwurst, smoked sausage, crackling fat, “Obatzda” and herb cream cheese
decorated with red radishes and tomatoes,
served with butter, fresh bread and pretzels


Main course:

Braised beef rump,
with leek vegetable and herb spaetzle on red wine sauce
(meat dish)


Larded pike-perch fillet gently roasted on skin with potato ratatouille,
on saffron sauce
(fish dish)


Quinoa-Lentil vegetables on balsamic vinegar
with purple potatoes and grilled avocado
(vegan dish)



Variation of different mousses, creams and strudels,
as well as fruit salad