InstPharmToxBw Science Slam

Research creativity!

For this years’ ice-breaker, something new is coming: For the first time as part of the medical chemical defense conference, a SCIENCE SLAM will be hold!

This is your chance to find a unique and entertaining way to present the fruits of your hard work in research!


  • A creativity competition, where substantial research topics have to be presented in a unique and entertaining manner!
  • The audience will decide the winner by applause and exclamations of liking!
  • But be careful! You are not a clown or comedian! Presentations can of course be humorous, but not silly!
  • Presentations have to be short – not more than 7-8 min max.!
  • You can choose any form of presentation you like (maybe dare venture away from the good old power point)!

What you get for your efforts?

Of course, eternal glory!

... And a special handpicked prize for the first place!

How to apply?

We simplified the application process: To enter, simply send us a short abstract about the topic you want to cover to the mail address provided below.

Please note: It is also possible to enter as a group (max. 4 persons). In your abstract submission, please indicate the full names of every participant clearly.


Applications (max. 4 MB) can be submitted via until March 2nd, 2019

 In case of further questions, please contact us!

See you at the InstPharmToxBw SCIENCE SLAM 2019!